Working with Crystals, Metals and Stones (2)

Charging and Cleansing Crystals

You can charge and cleanse your crystals. Each kind of action has a specific purpose depending on what you want to accomplish. A crystal is charged when it is infused with energy, while cleansing it returns it to it’s natural state.

What happens when a crystal is cleansed? It’s vibrations are increased and aligned, it returns to a natural state uninterrupted by any outside influences. Crystals naturally hold their own vibrational energies, but there are times that you want to reset these energies back to a natural state. For instance when you get a new crystal for your collection, it’s good to take time with it making sure that it is balanced and renewed from its journey on it’s way into your hands. Or, if you used a crystal for spellwork, it’s a good idea to let the energies dissipate so you can use your crystal for a new purpose.

Lunar Charging:
Lunar charging is a similar process. It’s best to charge or cleanse a crystal during the appropriate house of the full moon. To do this you can use astrology. What house the moon is in will lend it’s energies to your crystal. For instance, if the full moon of that night is in the sign of Aries, then it will lend a fiery motivation, best for beginning projects. While cleansing or charging a crystal while the moon is in the sign of Cancer will lend a watery and spiritual essence. The best way to know the best time is to consult an ephemeris. My favorite is found at where you can look up the current moon phase and house month by month.

On the evening before the full moon gather your crystals and prepare a space outside to cleanse them. On the night of that full moon, in your sacred space, hold your crystal up to the light and draw down the energies of the moon into your crystal. Visualize it being filled with a glowing light, renewing it with the energy of the moon. Place your crystals in view of the moon’s light for a few hours. Lunar energies provide a calming and flowing movement to cleanse your crystal and are a great way of renewing them.

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