Women's Voices in Magic

Women’s Voices in Magic – A Contributor’s Review

Women's Voices in Magic

Women’s Voices in Magic, Available at Amazon

Have you ever wondered what makes women succeed in the occult? How do women handle their lives as occultists, ceremonial magicians, witches and Satanists? The anthology book, Women’s Voices in Magic explores these themes and so much more.

In 2010, I was invited to contribute my story for this wonderful book. Women’s Voices in Magic is a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom from some of the most influential women in occultism today!

Setting a Positive Example

This book was an important work put together to help others understand how women cope with a mostly male-centered world of occultism, Satanism and ritual magic. Through the stories in this book you will find tales of courage and strength, and women who weren’t afraid to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in.

There is an insightful editorial by Brandy Williams at the beginning of the book, setting the tone for this anthology. Think about it – throughout history you will find mostly the stories of what men have accomplished. The incredible things that women have done are often foreshadowed or buried in history. In this day and age it’s surprising that feminist works exposing the lives of influential women throughout history are often taken as something novel, but that’s how it is. However, not all women believe this to be true, but some do.

A Historical Look at Women In the Occult

Read about the history of women in occultism, like the life of Florence Farr, who was initiated into the Golden Dawn in the 1800’s and later worked with MacGregor Mathers on discovering the mysteries of Egypt. You can also discover the life story of the Hermetic Ithell Colquhoun, who explored occultism through surrealist art.

But this book is more than something novel. In these stories you will hear from women of all walks of life who live the path of magic. While this book seems aimed at Ceremonial magicians, there are stories from women who walk a wide range of paths in the occult.

Also there are discussions on how sexuality, pregnancy and fertility have a direct impact on women’s lives through magic, symbolism and the occult. You’ll hear from women who practiced Enochian magic, chaos magick, women who make potions and spells through witchcraft, and of course – the challenges and successes that women face in the Left Hand Path.

My Contribution to this Women’s Voices in Magic !

Women's Voices in Magic

Brandy Williams is Thelemite, a Witch, a Golden Dawn magician, and a Pagan Theurgist. She has written and presented on esoteric subjects since 1991.

Included with this is my personal story of my life as a Satanist and the challenges I have had to face in a path that is mostly male dominated. I enjoyed writing my essay for this book. The opportunity to contribute to Women’s Voices came at a wonderful time for me, during the same year that I was exploring the mysteries of Lilith through study and ritual, and writing and video-making about feminism in Satanism.

Women’s Voices in Magic serves as an inspiration to all women who seek to learn about the occult and who are looking to find their place within society as witches, magicians and Satanists.

It’s important as a woman to be able to understand the lives of women in the occult, both past and present. I enjoy reading this book from time to time when I am looking for inspiration and reassurance. The stories are beautifully written and heartfelt. I wish it had illustrations or photos accompanying it, though. I enjoy that this book is well-edited. Women’s Voices also includes personal biographies, bibliographies and references for sources, which I appreciate!

Women’s Voices in Magic has a feminist tone, but overall it is not a complaint against men nor is it an attempt to make women seem better than men. The feeling that I got from the book, as a woman, was self empowering. Writing my story for Women in Magic made me feel good about the things that I had accomplished, the things other women had accomplished as well. This book gives me inspiration and hope about the things to come in the future for women in magic.

And while this book may not appeal to the majority of men, some men may find it useful for understanding the feminine side of magic, occultism and spirituality. Overall, Women’s Voices in Magic is a wonderful book to add to your collection, especially if you are interested in the lives of women occultists.

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