The Necronomicon (by Simon)


The Necronomicon (by Simon) at Amazon

Since its release 31 years ago, The Necronomicon, as a controversial book, has stood the test of time in the occult as one of the most discussed works on summoning. While it’s true origins may not be known, and is greatly hyped, we are presented with a system of magic and summoning that provides us with a view into the world of Sumerian demons and gods.

The Necronomicon by Simon Blends the flavor of Aleister Crowley, ceremonial magic, and the stories of Lovecraft, a new mythology based on the spirits of the past is presented in this classic text. Ask yourself are you brave enough to summon the ancient ones? Don’t worry, the manuscript itself isn’t real, but its fun to imagine.

One reviewer commented on the 31st anniversary hard-bound edition..” Everything about this book screams quality. It is bound in heavy black cloth and the front cover and spine feature deep foil stamping in silver. All 3 previous introductions are also included here as well as the pronunciation guide, additions to the 777 tables..”

The Necronomicon by Simon is definitely an Occult classic!



The Necronomicon (by Simon) at Amazon
The Necronomicon by Simon
Summoning of the Ancient Ones! Ia! Ia!
By Simon
Avon; 1st edition (March 1, 1980)
Pages: 288
ISBN-10: 0380751925 | ISBN-13: 978-1470081720

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