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At my main website, Spiritual Satanist, I am holding a subscriber contest. Win this pentagram pictured on the left by subscribing to my Spiritual Satanist Newsletter. One lucky winner will be chosen on October 31st.

My Satanism website has been online for 13 great years! I want to thank my fans and friends – and also, now is your chance to enter and win this awesome pentagram pendant, with a personal note from me.

All you have to do is subscribe to the Spiritual Satanist monthly newsletter..  With my newsletter you get news and information about current and upcoming events in Satanism..

Visit here to subscribe: The Spiritual Satanist Newsletter Contest.

Note that you do not have to enter the contest to subscribe to my newsletter. Please read the rules. Contest ends at midnight on 10/31/2017.

Thank you for subscribing! And share this post with your friends..

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Official Press Release for The SpiritualSatanist Newsletter Contest

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2 thoughts on “There Is Still Time To Enter The Contest!

  1. Hi newbie here i want to know more in this thing im more free not so strict please help me understand more dont know where to start thank you.

  2. It’s not possible to give you a book or list of beliefs, practices, and guidelines that describe all of Satanism
    because most if not all Satanists will practice things that works best for them, and will have different experiences
    and have different set of beliefs. What I can do, is point you in the right direction that will allow you to do your own research
    and form your own beliefs and practices.

    the first thing you might want to do is research what Satanism is about and the history of Satanism,
    so you can know: some common ideas and themes, and its history. there are many books, articles, and websites that you can read
    and learn from. some of which are found on , , and
    these sites can give you a more in depth explanation on different subjects in Satanism
    along with other recommended books as well as links to other satanic sites.

    if this doesn’t help any, try reaching out to other Satanists because they might be able to:
    offer further advice about how you can do your own research and discover your own findings, explain ideas clearer, or in a different context or perspective.
    but you should learn to do your own research instead of always asking others to do it for you.

    also, avoid the joy of Satan website, its a Nazi cult. if you want to know what goes on in there,
    research “joy of Satan exposed”

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