Invention of Satanism

Review: The Invention of Satanism

Understanding the Path of Satanism

Invention of Satanism

Invention of Satanism, Available at Amazon

The Invention of Satanism is an excellent book if you are interested in the academic side of Satanism. It wasn’t until recently that Satanism was studied by sociologists. This book reveals insights into the variety of Satanists that are found today.

Next time someone says to you that there is only one ‘true’ path of Satanism you can refer to them to this wonderful academic study in Invention of Satanism. You will be able to explain the variety that is to be found in the Satanic path.

Piggybacking on the important studies of James R. Lewis and his Satanic Surveys, the authors drill through the important data in detail. This allows you to have a sharper insight into the Satanic lifestyle.

Books like The Invention of Satanism lend some validity and credence to Satanism as a philosophical, spiritual and religious path. This is important for Satanists, because many of us experience it as so much more than just a lifestyle. It is who we are, inside and out.

Expose on Satanic History

The Invention of Satanism also carefully explored the myths behind the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. It was a dark time in America where innocent people were jailed. The Satanic Panic shaped beliefs and ideas on Satanism even today. We find the devil to be a useful character in understanding the world around us, for good or evil.

Each period of Satanism was highlighted, from the Witch-burning of of innocents that lasted centuries, and even the Hell-Fire men’s clubs that were labeled as Satanic. I really appreciate that these events are written about from a historical perspective, rather than a sensationalist view. This showed how the label of ‘Satanist’ had been used as a slander for centuries, rather than having any meaningful relevance to the movement of Satanism today.

The history of Satanism as a social movement really only began in the 1960s, in America, amidst a backdrop of free thought and progressive attitudes. But ever since then, Satanism has evolved as a social movement into what we know it as today.

Deconstructing the Satanic Stereotype

Satanic stereotypes are explored in detail in the Invention of Satanism. Attitudes on violence were surveyed that helped to blow apart the long-held stereotype of the ‘evil’ minded Satanist.

The anti-Christian, church-burning Satanist is another trope that is often repeated from outsiders. In general, Satanists attitudes towards Christianity and even Neo-Paganism and Wicca seemed to be ambivalent or tolerable. Many Satanists had left their former religion to find more personal freedom.

In addition to this, important questions were asked of Satanists, like their beliefs in the afterlife. Satanists who were surveyed often had realistic views on these matters, once again proving that there is so much more to understand about this path than first meets the eye.

The Invention of Satanism also discusses why people find the Satanic path and why they choose to stay. People come to Satanism for a variety of reasons, but overall it’s because it offers something special to people that they just can’t find anywhere else.

The Satanic Surveys

I was proud to be a part of both Satanic surveys from James R. Lewis. Surveys like this came at an important and necessary point in Satanism. Just as Satanism had exploded on the social scene due to the availability of information on the internet, we had people who were willing to study the movement in detail. Mr Lewis and the other respected authors included in this book helped to add a world of useful information and reference for anyone who is interested in the Satanic path.

Who This Book Is For

The Invention of Satanism is not light or casual reading; who it really should appeal to is those who have been on the path for a long time, who can really enjoy the journey from the past to the present. However, new Satanists will gain a broader perspective of the path with this book, with greater understanding of Satanism only coming through time and patience.

This book is truly a treasure to read and to own. You will find a variety of insights held within that help you to understand why Satanists believe, feel, and act the way that they do.

In the end you will find that Satanism was truly, invented, by those who desired to have a better way of living. Satanism helps to address the things that are missing in our lives. Honestly, I just couldn’t imagine living without it.

The Invention of Satanism by Asbjorn Dyrendal, James R. Lewis, and Jesper Aa. Petersen is available at Amazon

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