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Review: Tarot of The Black Arts

Tarot Of The Black ArtsToday I am reviewing a Satanic Tarot deck: The Tarot of the Black Arts created by Winter Laake. This is a unique deck made just for Satanists and people of the left hand path. Most specifically, I found, this deck is suited to those who are adept at working with the darker side of magic.

The creator of this deck is Winter Laake – he is is a prolific writer, artist, screenwriter, psychic and musician. Mr Laake is an an intriguing man of many talents who explores dark themes and Satanism in his numerous works. He brought his talents to the world of Tarot in 2017 with his Tarot of the Black Arts deck.

Winter Laake has been a guest on the paranormal radio show Coast to Coast several times as well, discussing his books and projects in Satanism. His radio interviews are a wealth of information and personality. To get a full idea of the depth of his occult portfolio visit his website: WinterLaake.com

Tarot of the Black Arts is a deck of 80 cards is beautifully illustrated with a dark and surrealist style of art. With just enough classical tarot symbolism to keep it grounded, you can get a depth of meaning from every card in in this deck. Some of the imagery is based on dark mythologies, and others on vampiric lore. The theme most often found is a feminine current, which is a nice change. There is Satanic symbolism throughout this deck as well, covering familiar ground for those on the Left Hand Path.

Many of the cards have a dark, visceral feel to them, setting the tone and feel for each reading. This is what you would expect to find with a Black Magician’s tarot deck.

While you could use this as a regular tarot deck for your average reading, you are wasting it’s potential on mundane

Tarot Of The Black Arts

Tarot Of The Black Arts – A selection of cards from this wicked deck! Available at Amazon

questions. Much like the Thoth Tarot this card is suited for ritual work and questions that peel open the situations that you want to manipulate using magic. Using a card from this deck could easily take you on a journey through mediation as well. The Tarot of the Black Arts best use comes from asking the cards about spell work and Satanic spirituality.

When I first received The Tarot of the Black Arts, I was excited to use it. There aren’t many decks of it’s kind in this world. To open this deck and make it familiar to my own energies, I let it set on my altar for a few days, for me it represents an element of earth.

I put my deck out in the moonlight and drew energies into it for the element of water. Then later, I lit some sandalwood incense on a charcoal and initiated it with air and fire. My deck was then ready to use.

Tarot Of The Black Arts

Tarot Of The Black Arts – A Ritual to ‘open’ this deck to my energies!

In my first reading I felt a sense of bonding, and I could see how this deck was ‘taking’ to me. That’s an exciting feeling! I’ve had decks in the past that were much harder (or took more effort) to bond with me. Perhaps it’s personal preference or it’s my own experience with darker energies.

For my first reading, I asked the deck about my own path in Satanism and the card that I drew was the Moon – a beautiful symbol of Satanic feminism. The Moon card reminded me that there is much still that is secret and hidden to learn on this path, and that I am forever drawn to the mysteries of Satan and Satanism like the water is drawn to the moon. The personal insights that can be found in this deck are profound and meaningful to those that are on the left hand path.

Already, I was thinking how to use this deck with spell work. For instance if you wanted to devise a spell that really had a lot to influence, you would need to know what to manipulate in order to have the best effect on your target. Essentially, you could use this deck to find out the best course of action. Also you could use this deck to find out the progress of spell or ritual work.

The Tarot of the Black Arts deck is enjoyable to use, but I find that it was easy to use because I am already familiar with the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot system and the Thoth Tarot. This deck is a hybrid of both with some artistic license. If you are not familiar with Tarot, this may not be the best deck to start with, but the same is true for most art-styled Tarot decks.

Many people begin by using the Thoth or the Rider-Waite-Smith because they are foundational decks. Making yourself familiar with those two decks and Tarot reading in general will make decks like The Tarot of the Black Arts more accessible and valuable as a spiritual tool.

There are 80 cards total, and they are the size of an average deck. they are easy to shuffle, and are well made. The art alone is inspiring to those who want to reach out to the dark side of the psyche. There is a dark energy surrounding this deck, you can see it and feel it when you pick it up.

The Tarot of the Black Arts deck was created by a true magus of the black arts, and it will be a welcomed and wonderful addition to your divination tools. Add the Tarot of the Black Arts to your collection today!


Tarot Of The Black Arts

Tarot Of The Black Arts


Tarot Of The Black Arts, First Edition

Creator: Winter Laake

Publisher: Left Hand Path, 2017

Size: 80 Cards – 2 3/4″ x 4 3/4″







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  1. Such a lovely deck,I wish that it was available on amazon.ca ,I will eventually obtain this along with the other Satanic deck by this same author

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