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Review Of The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals

This is a review of The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals, written by Mary K Greer.

Have you ever wondered how to approach the reversed cards in your Tarot reading? Some Tarot readers don’t use reversed cards at all, and many books only give a list of possible meanings, literally leaving you in the dark about the darker side of the Tarot. The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals dives into this important subject with clarity.

What Are Tarot Reversals? Why Don’t Some Tarot Readers Use Them?

Tarot reversals are a method of reading where the cards are free shuffled and some cards may end up being taken out of the deck for reading in a reversed position. Each of these these reversed cards from the deck carry their own energies and meanings that add something deeper to your reading.

Sometimes Tarot readers ignore the use of reversed cards, either because they don’t know how to read them, or because they want their reading to be positive and cheery instead. Especially for those who are new to Tarot, being able to read a card when it’s upright is hard enough, without adding the extra element of reversals.

Unfortunately many beginner Tarot readers ignore this important step of learning how to work with reversals, and instead decide to always read their cards upright. Ignoring the reversed cards is like only reading half of what’s possible, though. But as you will see, learning how to read reversals will make you a better Tarot reader overall.

For me, the Tarot cards in a reading appear from my deck reversed for a meaning. There is a message in the cards that I have chosen that have to be heard – and I’m not afraid to listen. Tarot is supposed to help us gain understanding, wisdom and insight and reversals are often a deeper look into a situation, deeper than what’s offered on the surface.

Concise Information on Tarot Reversals

Mary K Greer is one of my favorite authors on Tarot because she is so clear cut and to the point about Tarot reading. Instead of filling her books with mystical talk she gives you a practical outlook on how to read Tarot. One of my favorite books by her deals with an important but not discussed enough subject in Tarot reading – how to read Tarot

Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals

“(reversals) provide an opportunity to reach below logic and lead us into the realm of potentials and underlying causes where everything is connected and Magic happens..” – Mary K Greer

card reversals.

Often, Tarot reversal resources mention the reversed card as merely an opposite or undoing of the upright interpretation. Many books on Tarot only gloss over the subject without giving much depth. The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals was the first book dedicated to this fascinating subject. Greer shows in her book how each card has a darker and more deeper meaning to it.

She has an excellent grasp on the history of Tarot, explaining in the introduction her sources for traditional interpretations. She also provides a list of specialized terms for those who are new to Tarot reading.

In addition, to prepare you for taking on reading reversals, she provides various processes that you can use to lay out the cards, and how to shuffle them, and alternate ways of using reversal cards in your reading.  Going through this information really gets my imagination going when I think about the endless possibilities and uses of reversals in readings.

You will find this book useful whether you are just starting out in Tarot reading or you are a seasoned reader. Her practical advice touches you on a deeper level of understanding. She also explains this process in a way that allows you to tie everything together in a reading. So this book enables you to use your Tarot in a more useful way than just basic card drawing and interpretation.

How The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals Can Help You

The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals begins with the Major Arcana with a picture of each card, an overview of each card’s upright meaning, and a deeper insight to each reversal. But along with this at the end of each card description there are also basic notes on the more traditional meanings of each reversal.

Greer shows you that the Tarot reversals aren’t always negative, they are often a deeper aspect of each card, sort of like peeling back the conscious layer of the upright and exposing the subconscious.

Once you begin to look at Tarot in this way you can gain a deeper understanding of each reading. Your cards are better able to act as tools of communication and less as a source of confusion or doubt.

The latter half of reversal interpretations deals with the Minor Arcana. Just as important and useful as the major Arcana the explanations for each card reaches out into the unknown, from the ‘dark’ side of the deck to help you reveal useful and beneficial knowledge.

Along with this The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals offers advice on useful spreads that help you to organize a reading so that it can be it’s most useful to you. Elemental Dignities and correspondences are useful if you like to add planetary and elemental tones to your reading.

The entire book is organized to make it easy to find what you are looking for quickly. I appreciate that she has added a bibliography and index to this book as well, and it’s not just information given to you without proper resources to follow up with. This seems to be rare in the world of the occult where many books want the reader to take the author’s word for it!

Enter The Dark Side Of The Tarot!

This book enables you to read reversals from any kind of deck. While the information provided was mostly based on the Rider-Waite-Smith variety of cards, you can use the knowledge here to read from other decks, as long as it’s mostly based on a Rider Waite Smith system. Some of these decks include the Crowley Thoth Tarot, the Cosmic Tarot, and even the Tarot of The Black Arts (click to read their reviews!)

The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals has been one of my favorite and treasured books throughout the years to read through when I need inspiration or motivation. More than just looking up meanings, the process of using this book had opened my eyes to new ways of seeing and using the Tarot in a more useful and meaningful way.

So if you are new to Tarot reading or you are looking to advance your understanding of this useful subject, then grab a copy of The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals by Mary K Greer. You will see how exploring the darker side of the Tarot deck can lead you to new enlightenment.

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