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In the past year, since last August, I have been on an incredible journey. I’ve been building my online shops, Dark Moon Merchant and staying busy. So I’ve been limited on time for reading, even though there are so many new books out for Satanists. But, I did have time to digest a great documentary this afternoon that was just released for streaming recently,

I had the joy of watching the new Hail Satan documentary film this afternoon. It was a delightful and informative journey through the story of the rise of the Satanic Temple. This film’s subject was long overdue and I was waiting for something like this to be released. Quite honestly, it’s been decades since a decent and true-to-life documentary on Satanism has been explored.

As expected the Satanic Temple has explored various was of shaking up the status quo. They get people to question why we do the things we do, and why we hold certain things sacred. This is important, especially here in America where we are supposed to be afforded freedom of religion.

Satanic Activism in Action

The story begins with what one would assume is the biggest act of blasphemy ever conceived. The Satanic Temple took on one of the most controversial and hardcore Christian cults of modern times – the Westbro Baptist Church. Fred Phelps Jr, the organization’s leader, got a dose of what some Satanists believe to be something perfectly natural: two women kissing. Not just that, the ritual titled the ‘Pink Mass’, was done on the organization’s leader’s mothers grave. Afterwards, the Temple declared that Phelp’s mother was eternally a lesbian in hell.

Planned Parenthood protest; Satanic Temple Detroit

Besides getting under the skin of a controversial Christian cult, the people of the Temple also worked towards promoting women’s rights.

In one situation, they helped to expose the ridiculous arguments of anti abortionists by appearing at a Planned Parenthood clinic alongside protesters, and turning the fetus into an object of fetish. They showed how anti-abortionists are objectifying the idea of a fetus, and denying women their own rights and freedoms in the process.

In another scene women of the Satanic Temple are shown gathering up sanitary products for distribution in women’s shelter. This is something which Christian charities seem to ignore, perhaps because of their own embarrassment of the human body.

The Satanic Temple also broke historic ground between separation of Church and State. The Satanic Temple debated against Christians in city council meetings so they could display their Baphomet statue on state capitol grounds. Christians wanted to use public lands to display their own religious icon in the form of the Ten Commandments. Satanists wanted the right to display their monument as well. Eventually, through legal wrangling, the Satanists won.

The progressive views of the Satanic Temple are a useful image for Satanism in general. Even though I am not a Satanic Temple member, watching the Hail Satan film me feel proud to be a part of Satanism. They’re actually out there accomplishing things that I feel a lot of Satanists would agree with.

A Great Documentary on Satanism Worth Watching

Regardless of how you feel about the Satanic Temple, there’s no denying that they are getting people to talk about Satanism in a more positive light. While Satanism might not be meant for the masses, for those that follow the path, we deserve a better reputation than the one that was given to us in times past. This film shows how the entirety of Satanism since LaVey’s time in the 1960s has stood for the adversarial aspects of society, and how that adversarial activism is needed in today’s era for positive change.

In the Hail Satan film, we can see how Satanism moves forward as a social movement, claiming what is ours by birthright! Our right to be human and to live as humans without religious interference in society is important. Hopefully this film has helped to educate some and change the minds of others.

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