Embracing the Darkness Review

Embracing The Darkness By Corvus Nocturnum – A Review

Embracing the Darkness: Why Everyone Who is in The Left Hand Path should read this book!

One can not appreciate the light without first having walked in the darkness” – Corvus Nocturnum

Embracing the Darkness Review

Embracing the Darkness, Original Cover

Those of you who are like me, involved in the Left Hand Path, may know how easy it is to be misunderstood. But at the same time, you also may know how the dark side of life can make you feel at home. Embracing the Darkness is a book for those who appreciate the dark side and also for those newcomers who want to explore it as well.

Embracing the Darkness explores some of the most important influencers in dark and goth subcultures through a series of enlightening interviews.

This book begins with a foreward by Michelle Belanger, popular for her guides on vampyrism, with an introduction to the world of darkness.  Also, there is a wonderful introduction by the author explaining his own personal journey into darkness and how he dealt with family and friends who learned to accept his lifestyle.

Embracing the Darkness also contains beautiful and emotional black and white Gothic-style illustrations created by the author accompanying each chapter.

This book dives right into the goth subculture where many of us began our own journies and our love for the dark. If you have ever wanted to know about the history of the goth subculture this chapter takes you on a journey from the beginning to modern times. And there is more than one style of goth as this chapter shows, giving an explanation of each subculture, including interviews with real goths who have helped to shape this subculture throughout time.

There is something for everyone in this book – for those of us involved in occultism he interviews interesting people involved in dark paganism, nocturnal witchcraft and even the Chaos Magick scene.

Then, Embracing the Darkness ventures into vampire scene, and the history of the vampire subculture, both through historically accepted vampires and those created by fiction. You get to learn about the myths and misconceptions and what modern vampires actually believe and practice. Along with this is a great interview with Michelle Belanger, the creator of the Vamprie codex, one of the most referenced and revered books in this subculture.

Of course we can’t forget about Satanism, one of the most misunderstood paths in the occult. With this chapter an interesting interview was done with independent Satanist Ego Diabolus on his own personal journey through Satanism.

In his interview, he stated something that I think many of us can relate to: “Knowing where you come from is one of the first steps in determining where you are going. Through Satanism, I have discovered a community in which I feel welcome.

There are so many more surprises in this book that I will leave the reader to discover, however. This book was a joy to explore, especially since I could personally relate to so much of it. Embracing the Darkness gives the world a peek into the realm of darkness that everyone can appreciate, whether you are a part of it or not.

You can tell that Corvus put a lot of careful thought and hard work into this book, It is well edited and a perfect edition to your Left Hand path Library. This book is an absolute joy for those of us who will always belong to the darkness. I picked up a copy of the tenth anniversary edition of this book but the original edition, Embracing the Darkness is available at Amazon.

Embracing the Darkness Review

Embracing the Darkness, Interior

From the author, Corvus Nocturnum:

“Embracing the Darkness is an in-depth look into the aspects of various dark subcultures of the Goths, Witchcraft, Satanists, BDSM/Fetishists, and Vampyres, incorporating interviews and conversations with well-known and everyday individuals, as well as taking a psychological and historical look at the similarities between these groups… 

…Many of these groups have been secretly whispered about and confused with one another. This book attempts to enlighten readers about some of the more positive aspects within the dark culture, and to dispel the notion that the dark is ‘evil’.”



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