Review: Satanic Rites & Ceremonies by Yaj Nomolos

Imagine a world before the internet, when in the search for knowledge all you had was books and libraries. It was a world where your options for learning about Satanism came through word of mouth at your local occult shop. Perhaps you were lucky enough to find a Satanic organization to join that would send […]

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California Infernal: Anton LaVey & Jayne Mansfield Art Book Review

California Infernal Review

California Infernal: A Beautiful Historical Book! Satanic history comes alive in one of the most recent books published on Satanism, with a focus on LaVey and the early Church of Satan. This review is for the California Infernal photo book, put together by the Church of Satan, Carl Abrahamsson, Alf Whalgren, and the works of […]

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Embracing The Darkness By Corvus Nocturnum – A Review

Embracing the Darkness Review

Embracing the Darkness: Why Everyone Who is in The Left Hand Path should read this book! “One can not appreciate the light without first having walked in the darkness” – Corvus Nocturnum Those of you who are like me, involved in the Left Hand Path, may know how easy it is to be misunderstood. But […]

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Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s

Experience the hysteria of the 1980’s when society was saturated with Satanism’s supposed influence. From TV to radio to print there were warnings that a secret underground society of Satanists were coming after you and your children. Follow the stories of the people who started this panic, from the religious right who claimed that Satan […]

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Lucifer Rising (Gavin Baddeley)

Here’s a fun book to add to your collection! Written by Gavin Baddeley, ordained minister in the Church of Satan and long-time journalist, the metal scene is explored with this fact-filled book. Enjoy this wonderful tome of Satanic fact and fantasy with his book, Lucifer Rising. Exploring how Satanism has influenced music throughout the years, […]

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