Review: Satanic Rites & Ceremonies by Yaj Nomolos

Imagine a world before the internet, when in the search for knowledge all you had was books and libraries. It was a world where your options for learning about Satanism came through word of mouth at your local occult shop. Perhaps you were lucky enough to find a Satanic organization to join that would send […]

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Women’s Voices in Magic – A Contributor’s Review

Women's Voices in Magic

Have you ever wondered what makes women succeed in the occult? How do women handle their lives as occultists, ceremonial magicians, witches and Satanists? The anthology book, Women’s Voices in Magic explores these themes and so much more. In 2010, I was invited to contribute my story for this wonderful book. Women’s Voices in Magic […]

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Embracing The Darkness By Corvus Nocturnum – A Review

Embracing the Darkness Review

Embracing the Darkness: Why Everyone Who is in The Left Hand Path should read this book! “One can not appreciate the light without first having walked in the darkness” – Corvus Nocturnum Those of you who are like me, involved in the Left Hand Path, may know how easy it is to be misunderstood. But […]

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