Book Review Policy

Authors and publishers, welcome to the Left Hand Path Books Blog. This is my Book Review policy page where I will discuss some of my preferences for review material.

My Preferences

Digital and audio books are great but I prefer physical copies of books.

I choose whatever books I want to read and promote, but I would also love the opportunity to meet with and work with new and established authors who want their books reviewed.

If you send me an advance copy of a book, I will review it within a month. However, if you would like to wait for the review to be published at a later date for promotional purposes, please let me know.

I would also love to interview any authors who want to contribute additional information about their book if they request a review of their work here at Left Hand Path Books.


Once your book review is published here at Left Hand Path books, it will also be promoted on the Left Hand Path Books Facebook page. A brief review may also be posted at Amazon. You will also have exposure through amazon by way of affiliate links here at the Left Hand Path Books blog.

Sales Opportunity

Also after your review is published, if your book is offered through retail distribution it could possibly be offered for retail at my shop, Dark Moon Merchant. Or, if you are a small independent publisher and you want to discuss an opportunity to have your book sold at Dark Moon Merchant, please contact me.

My preferred genera is nonfiction occult and metaphysical books. More specifically, books that are written by and made for those who are interested in Satanism and the Left Hand Path as a philosophy, religion and magical practice. I am also interested in reviewing Tarot and divination systems, and important and useful occult reference books of a more general nature.

You can contact me anytime to discuss details at my Contact page.