Black Cats & Evil Eyes – a History of Superstition

Black Cats & Evil Eyes

Black Cats & Evil Eyes

I want to introduce to you one of the most delightful and fun reads that I’ve come across recently. This book is: Black Cats & Evil Eyes, a book of old fashioned superstitions.

Superstition intersects with occult beliefs, religious beliefs and mythology. Have you ever wondered where superstitions started? What about why walking under ladders is bad luck? Or why carrying a rabbits foot is a way to stay lucky? What about black cats, why are they considered bad luck?

This book explores these myths and more. From generation to generation superstitions get passed on. They change with the times. They are a part of popular culture and everyone uses them from time to time. Superstitions influenced historical decisions that changed the fate of humanity.

Now is your chance to read why these myths came about and see for yourself why people believe what they believe.

Black Cats & Evil Eyes is not a long book. This book does include a bibliography and sourcing if you want further reading. I have a fun time reading through this book as it gives me something interesting to reflect on.

How many times have I picked up a penny only because it was face-up? Or didn’t want to walk through a ladder? I wanted to know where these myths came from so I picked up this book.

I do wish Black Cats & Evil Eyes was a bit more detailed. This book does not promise to be an encyclopedic resource, which wouldn’t be as entertaining. Instead, it serves as a fun, light read for those who want to know the origins of superstitions.

Chloe Rhodes’ book includes kitschy but fun illustrations in black and white. She also offers a brief introduction to the history of superstitions. For your reference you also get an index for quick searches.

This book got excellent ratings on amazon and I have to agree. Black Cats and Evil eyes is a fun book to read through. Whenever you are wondering why four leaf clovers are lucky, or why you feel compelled to “knock on wood” grab this book!

From the inside jacket: “Hundreds of the beliefs passed down through the generations have their foundations in our ancestor’s efforts to ward off evil in times when life was, as often as not, “nasty, brutish and short.”

“International in scope, and often reaching back over thousands of years, Black Cats & Evil Eyes sets these superstitions in their historical and social contexts, explaining how fear of the Devil, demons, evil spirits and witchcraft drove people to arm themselves with rituals and talismans to repel dark forces.”

If you are like me and you enjoy reading anecdotal stories about superstition and myths, you are sure to enjoy this book. Pick up Black Cats & Evil Eyes at Amazon today!

How many of you pay attention to myths and superstitions in your day to day life? Have you ever wondered where these myths come from? Do some of them work for you?

Black Cats & Evil Eyes

Black Cats & Evil Eyes

Black Cats & Evil Eyes, A Book of Old-Fashioned Superstitions
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Michael O’Mara; Reprint edition (April 1, 2016)
Author: Chloe Rhodes
ISBN-10: 1782434860 | ISBN-13: 978-1782434863








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