Author Spotlight – S. Connolly

S. Connolly

S. Connolly is a prolific writer, writing both on metaphysics and fantasy fiction. She holds a Master of Metaphysics from ULC Seminary, and she lectures on a variety of occult topics. She began her work in Demonolatry in the 1980’s, and was formally initiated into Demonolatry by Selinda Dukanté, daughter of Richard Dukanté.

Outside of Demonolatry, her studies include Gardenerian Wicca, LaVeyan and Theistic Satanism, Ceremonial Magick, Enochian Magick, Hermeticism, Khemeticism, Qabbalah, Rosicrucianism, Ancient Canaanite and Western Semitic practices. Her host of books on Demonolatry can be found here at her author bio page at amazon – S. Connolly, Demonolatry works.

Connolly also founded the website to help others to understand the fascinating path of working with and worshiping demons. Her full biography can be found at her publishing site, The Quadrant

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