Aleister Nacht

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Aleister Nacht – Author, Satanic Magus and Devil Worshiper

Aleister Nacht is a Satanic Magus of the Magnum Opus Satanic Coven. His Left Hand Path journey began in 1986 as a Hoodoo acolyte in New Orleans. His blending of Hoodoo, Devil Worship, and Satanic ritual has evolved into a unique ‘self discovery and fulfillment’ approach to Satanism. Aleister’s Sanctum of Shadows¬†series of books is about “self-discovery”, magical operations, rituals, and effective practices. The series is the latest addition to his 30+ years studying and practicing Satanic magick.

Aleister Nacht’s blog posts are available at his Satanic Magic Blog Visit his author page at at Aleister Nacht to see his entire collection of writings.