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Venus SatanasAbout Me: Venus Satanas
Welcome to my blog!  My name is Venus Satanas and this project is an extension of my Spiritual Satanist website that I started back in 2004. I enjoy writing about Satanism and I hope that my website and videos have helped others to learn about Satanism, demonology, and magic.

With this blog, I am spotlighting the best occult and Satanic authors out there today, all in one place. Knowledge is key and there are a lot of great authors in Satanism and the Left Hand path today, so take some time to explore the various categories. You are sure to find something that you like.

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This site aims at bringing the best occult authors together in one place in an easy to search format so that the right people can find your work. Are you a published author on the subjects of metaphysics, Left Hand Path, Witchcraft, Magick, Satanism or the Occult, with a book available on Amazon? Your book could be featured here, along with an author bio page as well, and an opportunity to provide an interview about your latest work. Please use this form to contact me c/o Venus Satanas for information on how you can participate.

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