Review: Dictionary of Satanism by Wade Baskin

Dictionary of Satanism
Dictionary of Satanism – Available at Amazon

Today I present my readers with a classic in Satanic literature – the Dictionary of Satanism by Wade Baskin. This is an entertaining book full of entries on demons, devils and Satanic ideas designed to inspire you.

This book delves into the world of Satan in his many myriad forms. All manner of dark and devilish histories can be found within this book. It provides an excellent starting point for any area of research you might want to undertake.

The Dictionary of Satanism contains stories and legends of demons and devils, ranging from the far east to the western grimories. There are also numerous listings for the infamous individuals throughout history who were rumored to have signed a pact with the devil.

Along with this are brief histories of fictional and real personalities throughout history that were rumored to have a shady past.

Reading through this book will put you in the mood to dive deeper into the history of demons, witches, devils and dark historical figures. The entries are brief and provide a starting point where you can research further. If you are in search of knowledge and you want some inspiration, you can’t go wrong with the Dictionary of Satanism.

Danse Macabre Mouth of Hell
Lucas Cranach -, “Danse Macabre” (1472-1553)

This book is sprinkled with a few wonderful classic black and white illustrations of demons, devils and Satan. These familiar images evoke that old Satanic spirit. My favorite is, of course, the woodcut illustrations and the portrayals of the Mouth of Hell, like the one found in the beginning of the ‘B’ entries.

Baskin lists this illustration as “Damerval, Book of the Devil” but the illustration was originally created by Lucas Cranach from the book, “Danse Macabre” (1472-1553). So as you can see, you may have to do your own research in the end, but at least you have an inspirational starting point.

The Dictionary of Satanism is arranged in an A-Z format, but it lacks a table of contents, any references, further reading or footnotes. In it’s defense, I do not believe that this book was meant to be an academic tome. Books on the occultism from the 1970’s era really weren’t academic or accurate. Rather it is an inspirational, fun and informative book that appeals to the darker side.

The Dictionary of Satanism is a classic that belongs on any Satanists or witch’s bookshelf! I have enjoyed browsing this book from time to time for many years.

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The Dictionary of Satanism by Wade Baskin

356 pages, softcover

Published by Philosophical Library, 1st edition 1972



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