Venus SatanasVenus Satanas – She is a Satanic Witch, author, artist and occultist. She created this blog for people of the Left Hand Path, Satanists and occultists who are searching for the latest and best books on Satanism and magic.

There are many choices when it comes to books for Satanists. The Left Hand Path Books Blog provides an overview of these kinds of books from a personal and informative viewpoint. The Left Hand Path Books Blog is also a resource for those who want to further their education in Satanism and the darker side of the occult, wherever it may take them in the future.

Venus Satanas discovered Satanism in 1992. Since then, she started writing about her experiences in Satanism in 2004, with her Spiritual Satanist website. Later on in 2007, she expanded to video teaching at Youtube with her series on magic, Satanism and the occult.

Venus was also featured in the anthology book, Women’s Voices in Magic. In her story she wrote about her challenges of being a woman in the mostly male oriented practice of Satanism.

In 2018, she published her first book for Satanists – the Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book – Infernal Reflections. With this book she wanted to provide new and experienced Satanists a useful way to create a spiritual connection to Satan and other darker deities through prayer. By using prayer as a tool, it becomes a powerful channel to growing closer to Satan.

That same year she was invited to speak at Flambeau Noir in Portland, Oregon. This was a gathering of Left Hand Path luminaries, and three days of presentations and discussions on Satanism and the Left Hand Path.

Venus Satanas is also the owner of the Dark Moon Merchant Shop. Located in Florida, she works every day to help others to build their own Satanic altar spaces and express their love for Satanism. Some of the items at the Dark Moon Merchant shop are handmade by her, and other items are carefully curated to appeal to those with darker tastes in decor.

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